Cathie Morrison

Osko Product Owner
BPAY Group Ltd

Cathie Morrison is responsible leading Osko® at BPAY focussed on market strategy, awareness and adoption, defining unique value propositions, and overall Osko growth – both through expanding existing opportunities and exploring new ones. Cathie represents the strategic vision for Osko externally.

Cathie has more than 30 years of experience in Banking and Finance, specialising in the Australian payments industry for the last 10 years. Her roles have included managing development and integration of payments products in both consulting and direct banking roles. Cathie also has extensive experience working with schemes to enable product delivery.

Cathie is a curious, passionate and results-driven leader. Her personal brand is to learn fast, work hard and be curious, but have integrity at the heart of everything. Cathie is known for stepping outside her comfort zone to say “yes” to opportunities that deliver innovation and transformation.

She has been with BPAY since 2010, in various roles prior to taking the reins for Osko and prior to that with HP Financial Services, EDS and Commonwealth Bank.