Hans Oortwijn, Enterprise Architect with RDW (the Dutch Government Road Transport Agency), has been confirmed as a Keynote Speaker at PACE 2018. RDW are responsible for building and managing the Dutch National Parking Register.

In 2013 the Dutch municipal councils pioneered a single national parking register, forming a cooperative to realise this vision. RDW was appointed to build and then manage the National Parking Register. The National Parking Register currently has agreements with close to 90 municipalities in the Netherlands and a large number of parking providers.

The register contains data regarding parking restrictions and fees in each of the 90 participating municipalities. Payment providers use the data to provide real-time data about the availability of parking spaces (including on-street and off-street parking) to their customers so they can choose and pay for the parking they require. The municipality uses the register to obtain parking and payment information to enforce parking restrictions. The National Parking Register provides benefits to customers, who can select one payment provider- who may also provide other automotive services such as tolls and fuels- for use in all 90 municipalities, and benefits to the providers who can market their product to the customers of these municipalities, and the municipalities who don’t have to undertake the tender and procurement process for payment providers, nor undertake promotion and communication of parking providers.

The RDW also see this as preparation for the introduction of autonomous vehicles, with consistent formatting of data in a central location.

The RDW is a service provider in the mobility chain, and has extensive expertise gained through its years of experience with complex data registers and the execution of its statutory and assigned tasks.

Hans Oortwijn has worked at RDW for over 10 years and is a specialist in Dutch road pricing and toll systems, intelligent networks, data transport & transformation. He will be speaking on the introduction of the Dutch National Parking Register on Friday 2 November.